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For sale is my 2016 Bowtech BTX-31.

RH, mossy oak with 60-70lb black limbs. Has the B-X31 cams. Comes with a Vapor Trail Limb Driver rest, and Spott Hogg Hogg Father with the new for 2017 vertical 2-pin .29 sight housing. And a B-stinger stab.

Also, an Alpine Soft-Loc three arrow quiver with six new Black Eagle Rampage/250 arrows. Three with 125 GrizzTrick ViperTrick BH, and three 125 FP.

Strings have probably one or two more seasons left. Peep and D-loop installed.

Arrows are 515gr, and at 30.5" I'm getting 273 fps.

Awesome bow, I've yoke tuned, timed, and bareshaft tuned this bow. Shoots lights out! Bow is in overall great condition. No nicks or scrapes to mention.

Asking $750 PayPal tyd.

I can change the draw length and/or power disc if needed due to these bows being a bit tricky without a press.

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