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I built this bow up over the last 4 months as a lightweight back country hunting bow for multi night pack in trips and while its a sweet shooter I have realized I am not a two bow guy and love my Elite Impulse 34 just a tad bit more. I bought the bow from the original owner who shot about 200 arrows through it before having surgery and I have put about 300 arrows through it. Bow is in great shape, strings are in great shape, cams have some marks from adjusting draw length but overall a 9 out of 10.

Currently it is setup with the following:

QAD Bowtech Rest(HDX)

Montana Black Gold Mountain Lite 3 Pin Slider

Tight Spot Carbon Weave 5 Arrow Quiver

Bow is set at 29.5 inch DL, paper tuned, and sight tape dialed shooting a 415 grain Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce arrow.

$850 TYD lower 48 (PP F&F)

Bow & Rest Only $525

I will upload pics tonight when I get home
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