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New, and new to me, I found a Bowtech Carbon Icon with 60# limbs maxed out to 62# for a killer deal on CL, and I am the proud new owner. The old owner bought it and figured out bow hunting wasn’t his jam, so I swooped in for the layup. Here’s what I think about it so far:

First, WOW, this thing is LIGHT. Very light. I have a 3.7lb Strother that I compare everything to, and this bow practically floats by comparison. I initially thought this would lead to a less accurate bow, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ve been shooting it without a stabilizer, and although I haven’t made it a hair splitting target model, it holds on target very will and is decently accurate.

Fit and finish is acceptable for the price point, I have a Diamond Deadeye that’s a few years older than this model, and it’s pretty much the exact same quality as that. For a price point bow, the Carbon Icon is head, shoulders, and navel above every other price point bow ive ever shot (I read that retail was $699 for the RAK package, which this is). Additionally, it’s adjustable without a bow press, which is perfect, and it has the cam that swaps between Performance and Comfort with a flip of the Module. Pretty awesome technology for a bow just over $500 msrp.

Additionally, the bow came with a release, SKB case, quiver, GT 340 spine hunters, and stabilizer— all brand spanking new.

Does anyone else have experience with this model? I haven’t shot it much and have yet to tune or modify it, but I am impressed. Cheers!
Congrats on the bow! Don’t leave it in a car trunk like others said and don’t leave it in the sun for too long either. Also if you’re doing your own work make sure you don’t press it too hard. I work in a bow shop and we are a bowtech dealer and I have only worked here for 2 years but I’ve seen at least 4 of those bows that were warped. The other thing I’d do is invest in a drop away or limb driven of some sort. With the icons I’ve noticed to tune them you have to set the rest quite a bit the the left and the rest you have on there makes it hard to get a clean tune. Also a good stab with some weight will help a ton when u start shooting farther distances. Bbbbbuuutttt now you have a dang fast bow that’s not a hassle to carry around and once you get it tuned it’ll stay that way for a good while. Treat that bow good and I’m sure you’ll have no issues!
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