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Bowtech Eva Shockey Poundage Swing

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I helped a friend today change strings and cables on a 50 lb Eva Shockey. Took measurements before we touched anything to make sure it was set back up with same length and weight for the shooter. New strings were same specs without making changes. Max out the limbs to make sure the bow maxed at 50 as its supposed to but its maxed at 56. Taking the max turns out drops to 42. That seems awfully strange to have a 14 pound swing and the max being 6 pounds higher than what it should be. It was like this from the factory. Has anyone experienced this yet? Strings and cables are the correct length and the ATA is dead nuts on 30 and the brace height is also correct. Wrong limbs from what the sticker says maybe?
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My wife’s Carbon Rose has 50lb limbs. I haven’t maxed it out, but it’s backed out all the way and is 42lbs. I think it’s typical for them to max out a few pounds heavier than their weight
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