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Bowtech Factory Strings.

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I know the Bowtech Factory strings are supposed to be top notch and on par with after market strings.

I was wondering if you are able to order a new bow with specific string colors from the factory or not?

Anyone know?

Thanks. :darkbeer:
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Thanks for the info guys.

I am even more stoked now about getting my new bow, I just need to choose between the Admiral or the Captain.

So far even the customer service reps for Bowtech don't have the offical mass weights for all of the 09 bows yet, they estimated the Cap at around 4.1lbs which is fine for me, it will be a hair lighter then my 06 Ultratec.

Aside from the sightly different riser design and 3" ATA difference I think they are pretty much the same bow aren't they? :tongue:
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