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Bowtech General Blows ups AFTER modifications

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Does anyone else own a Bowtech General that has had issues or blow ups AFTER the modifications were made and new limbs applied?

My husband bought one last week and I am SOOOO nervous when he shoots it now. I have heard they are OK now, but because of the past history with these AND because of the way they have screws on top of the ends to hold it together now...which is not like any other I have feels "rigged" to me some...and seems like it's not "new" limbs but rigged ones =(. I am really concerned about his safety and mine as well since I shoot right next to him most of the time we shoot!

Can someone please tell me if they know of ANY other stories of incidents AFTER the modifications were made on one? If not...can you please ease my mind because to me it feels more like a bandaid on a bobo then a true modification with the screws on the ends of the same original limbs.

Thanks so much for your advice.
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there is another company that has/had limbs that looked just like that with the screws in the end. I dont remember which company that was tho. I have not heard any problems. I had one,(Traded it in for my Admiral) my buddy still has his and loves it. Its an awesome bow and i would not be worried. If the limbs still blew up like the supposably did before, with there new limbs i would say they could have a lawsuit on there hands.
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