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•Right Hand
•Realtree Hardwoods HD Grey Camo
•Binary Cams
◦currently set at 29.5" Draw
◦Adjustable from 25-30.5" Draw via modules available from your local Bowtech Dealer
◦I have a few of these mods available and would be glad to switch it for you if I have it​
•Bow is in excellent condition
•Strings and cables are very good condition -custom red and black Vapor Trails installed only a few months ago
•Also Included:
◦Custom Camo STS String Stopper System
◦Matching String Loop
◦G5 Peep Sight
◦Alpine Camo Cable Slid​

$425 shipped and insured - Paypal accepted with no extra fees - No Trades Please

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
Not open for further replies.