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Bowtech - Please answer me this...

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I've asked this question a couple times regarding the Bowtech Equalizer cams, but can't seem to get anyone to touch it - not sure why...

The way I understand the Equalizer system thus far, is that cam rotation is driven, for the most part, by the cables. So, lets assume you put 20 twists in the cables on an equalizer equipped bow - Is it true that the cams will still come to rest at the same rotation and that you will simply shorten the ATA? If this is true, one can also conclude that the cams still have to rotate the same number of degrees to hit the draw stop - which will have no affect on draw length (other than the difference in brace-height due to pulling the limbs closer together when you shorten the cables).

SO - My question is - assuming that the cables drive the rotation of the cam - how does one optimize the tension of the string. How do you know if the string is under too much tension or, if its too spongy?

The way I understand the Equalizer system, and correct me if I'm wrong, it appears you could take a picture of the cam, put the bow in a press, remove the STRING ONLY (with cables still assembled, take out of the press, and the cam will be at the exact rotation as the one in your picture. That being said, the string is simply "along for the ride". So - again, how do you optimize string tension for any given system?

Not putting down the product, trying to understand it further... Any information would be appreciated. When answering, please confirm my assumptions above are valid, and if they aren't, please explain why.

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Bo Hunter

If you twist the cables twenty turns you not only effect draw length, poundage, let off, but also the degrees of rotation before the draw stop hits the limb.

NO, if you take the string off and release the tension from the press the cams will rotate until the draw stop hits the limb, then if you totally relax the pressure from the press the draw stop will break :eek: . You can't take any part of the harness off any bow and it not come apart or change the cam rotation. :confused:

The equalizer system can be manipulated to where the let-off is too high and the bow will not function proper. This is the reason that we suggest you don't adjust the harness length very much. With having 1/2" cams and the draw stop post there is no draw length not attainable and that is at any percentage of desired let-off.

There have been post to the effect that you can't have specific draw lengths at desired let-off % this is untrue. :confused:

The system is very simple, the top cam regulates the opposite cams rotation and vice versa. They are connected together so they have to rotate at the same rate, NO MATTER WHAT. :cool:

I hope I've helped. :)

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