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Brace height to shallow

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I just got my new Hoyt Horizon Pro 27 inch riser with short limbs. The manual indicates proper brace height should be 8-9 inches with a 65.25 inch string. My string length seems to be correct, but my brace height is way to short and the string is hitting my wrist with each shot. I've tried increasing the twists but it still is only measuring about a 7 inch brace height. Should I get a shorter string than recommended by the manufacturer, or am I missing something else that might be contributing to the problem?
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I could be wrong but I did not think how it made a horizon riser in 27 inches. If you really have a 25" horizon and short limbs it's a 66 inch bow and your string is a fair bit too long and that's why you can't get anywhere near the desired brace height.

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Pretty sure they only make the Horizon Pro in 25" riser, which when paired with shorts would give you a 66" bow and would need a 63" string. This should yield a 8.5-9" brace height.

Your string is definitely too long, and too long to shorten by twisting....need a 63" string, or a 66" AMO string (AMO is the measurement of the bow, not the string length).
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