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brace height?

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Hello, I just got my first bow and I've one or two questions if anyone would be nice and knowledgeable to answer for me.. :)

My bow is a Ragim Wildcat takedown 66" 40# dacron string. I'm wondering about tuning.. I know I'm probably not accurate enough yet to be able to tune it perfectly but I'd like to get it into the ballpark.
The brace height was originally ~6.5" and from a bit of research online it seems the correct brace height is: Quote: "Brace Height 62"-68" 7.25-8" so.. I'm wondering if this means 7.75" for a 66" bow or if it means anywhere inbetween for 62"-68"?

If that makes sense...
I've since 'twisted' it to ~7.25" but I'm not sure if going to 7.75" EXACTLY, is the best idea yet..

Is there some guidelines to follow? Does it depend on each individual bow for tuning?
I've also brought up the nock points a little, as it seems to be shooting a bit high.

I've heard somewhere the knock points should be slightly above center, is this correct?

Thanks in advance..
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What they give you are just guidelines.

The best brace height will depend on your shooting style.

So, play with it and KEEP RECORDS!!! You'll find they you shoot it best at a certain brace. Arrows, etc will factor into that number.

In short, just keep notes on EVERYTHING!!!
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