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I have a Mat, z7 in order all black:shade: 29.5 inch draw, will be shooting it at 55-60 pounds.
Planing on putting on a "Doinker dish" and a QAD ultra rest pro series hd.
Axel 2000 sight with "Speciality Archery scope 4x lens and peep.

Will be using it for 3D and indoor shooting.Will also shoot 125 grain fixed blade heads(and 125grain fieldpoints) out of it, most likely G5 Striker Magnums.
I am using a Carter sensation realese.

Been playing a little with the On target software, as I see it the best arrow will be a X7 Eclipse 2512. Will cut it to 30.5 inches.
Will ad a wrap at the end ,probably between 6-8grains.
Haven`t quite decided which vanes to be using yet,probably Norway Fusion vanes 2.1 or 3.0. Maybe 2inch Blazers.Any suggestions..:tongue:

Question: What inserts will be best, so I can easily switch to my broadheads when I don`t target shoot.
What field points do I need, and what broadhead adapter ring will be best.

I also find a shaft called ACC-HS spine 2-71 in the program. But I can`t find that shaft at the Easton homepage...Only normal ACC shafts. What do the -HS stand for..where can i find these shafts..They have a spine of 0.320 in the program , while the normal ACC shafts2-71 have a spine of 0.300 wich I think will be to stiff.

If someone out there have any inputs to this it would be exelent:thumbs_up Have trouble sleeping at night thinking of this...but I guess this is how it is in this sport:D

All the best:teeth:
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