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Brand New Collegiate Archery Club

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We just created an Archery Club at Furman University in SC. Our sponsor is unexperienced with archery clubs although she has sponsored a lot of clubs at the University. We would like to shoot with some other schools in a field archery event but we don't have funds to join any associations or leagues or for that matter travel very far. If anyone has any suggestions that would be awesome as far as how to find schools, or anything you wish would have been done early on in your club or team.
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Student Government pays for all of out events. At our school as long as it's a club, then Student Gov has budget requests. We also have the Maine State NAA Shoot to help buy other things that SGA won't cover like uniforms. Our club has done a lot in the little time I have been there. I hope it continues after I leave in 6 weeks:sad: Good luck with your program. I would get in touch with Lorretta Sinclair if you have not already or Helin Sahi. Either one of these ladies will be of great help.
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