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The Great Olympian Indoor Archery Range/Learning Center by C.B.A. & You, Inc. just opened this last Tuesday (December 2, 2014)...

Whether you Shoot for Fun, Shoot for Competition, Shoot for Food, or you want to Learn to Shoot a Bow and Arrows, you can come to Learn or Practice Archery with us!!

We Are Offering All of the following:

34 lanes at 20 yards
6 lanes at 10 or 15 yards

*Archery Lessons (age 3 to 93 with an Olympic certified Archery Coach/Instructor - $15/person/hr) - Hourly classes Tuesday through Friday starting at 4:30 pm and all day Saturday starting at 9:30 am (equipment included - all we need are the participants) - register for class today at

*Archery Tag (
*Archery Birthday Parties
*Slow Motion/High Speed Camera Rental
*Archery Lane Rental ($6/hr)
*3D Animal target Rental while renting a lane
*Archery Equipment Rental
*Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD through US Archery)
*Adult Archery Achievement Program (US Archery)
*Archery Leagues
*Private Events (Private/Public School/Home school, church, camps, Scouts, 3D Tournaments)
*Archery Classes to Learn How to Use and Maintain your own equipment

**Pro Shop opening in January 2015 specific to Olympic and Target Archery + Quality Youth Archery Equipment

Come in out of the cold into the warmth!!

RANGE HOURS are Tuesday Through Thursday 9 am to 9 pm and Friday and Saturday 9 am to 10 pm...
Open Shooting/Lane Rental available 9 am to 8 pm Tuesday through Saturday...
Open Archery Tag (equipment for 12 participants at a time - $3 per game + a free practice round) 8 pm to 9 pm Tuesday through Thursday and 8 pm to 10 pm on Friday and Saturday!!

Closed Sunday and Monday other than for special events and archery birthday parties!

Located at:
4420 South Noland Road
Independence, MO 64055

We look forward to having you come visit as often as you can!!
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