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I am completely new to archery and bought this bow from Lancaster Archery Supply:

I chose it because I wanted a longbow but also wanted a very low draw weight because I have never even touched a bow before... As for the longbow, all I know is that it has a 20-25 pound draw weight. The arrows that are packaged with it and which can be bought separately ( are 28" long. Because the bow and arrows are geared towards beginners, there is no mention of spine or grain or any details like that, and while that makes it accessible it also means that I have absolutely no idea what arrows to get for this bow besides the ones packaged with it, so if I want an arrow with a field tip or if I want to make my own I don't know what grain/spine specs I should order! Can anyone help? Is there any way to figure out what grain and spine and whatever else is compatible with this bow?

Thank you!
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