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I need to put some glue on broadheads on my carbon arrows. I have Easton Powerflights and CT Whitetails. Both take the standard .244 inside diameter components as I recall.

Is this the correct adapter to get?
Glue In 5' Adapters
Model BA

If so what version do I want?
ICS/30-60(5mm), Express/Vapor Gold Tip XT, 1913-4-2020, 2013-4(.240), 2016(.230), 2018(.220), Nitro(6mm), 2113-4-5-7-GT22(3-18), 2213-5(3-39,1716), 2216, 2219(3-28), 2314(3-49), 2315-7-2419(1816), 2412-3-5(1916)???

Are there other manufactures that are better?

I don't need to increase my point weight so the thought that they weigh the same as threaded inserts is a plus.

Thank you,

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