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A three blade head with a 1.5" cutting diamter would have a lot more "cut" than a four blade head with a .75" cutting diamter and therefore would likely penetrate less.

That said, if the cutting diameter was the same you would have more "cut" on the 4-blade therefore more friction, youd be more likely to hit bone, and it would be a safe bet to say a 3-blade would out penetrate a 4-blade of the same cutting diameter.

Your question is not complete.

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all blades the same 1 blade will go the furthest next a 2 then a 3 and so on.
if you hold a knife in your hand and cut a piece of steak could you cut more with 2 knifes with the same pressure ????? 3 knifes??????
I can find alot of C.O.I. blades snuffers ,mangus, etc.
but, I just can find the old RAZOR BACK 5'S anywhere there is a reason.

the new modern mechanical broadheads are pushing the limits with the cutting diameter they are getting,thats some of the penatration problems your talking about.
JMHO here but i believe if the RAGE and others would have a greater sweep back design with less cutting width but,keep the design the same would be better,especially with the lower poundage bows and light arrows.
anything beyond a pass thru is wasted energy,in my book.
i'm not talking about different angles or bone etc. ,but you get my point.
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