Current rabbit hole/tinkering fixation/exploration phase that I have found myself in is discovering which broadhead is the best choice considering my non-mission ciritcal preferences (i.e. low maintenance, low tuning requirement, not loud, etc, besides the mission critical aspect of being reliable and effective) and what I intend to use them for (i.e. northern California hunting so wild hogs and blacktail; must be effective out to 70yds which is the bare minimum if its going into my quiver).

As with other phases of exploration (arrow configuration, vane selection, release tinkering, etc) I am sure many of you have gone through this phase and now have several different types of fixed blades (4 vs. 3, vented/non vented, pivot/non pivot, single blade, etc).

I am interested in purchasing a "variety pack" or an assortment of different broadheads (doesn't need to be in great condition or be complete i.e. 3 per model; I just want to pay for one set once, until I find the one I like).

Please let me know if you have something I may be interested in.

Also, I am less interested in mechanicals as I believe I have found and settled on the model that I prefer.

Setup: hoyt ventum pro 30 \\ rx7 ultra \\ #70 \\ 29inch DL \\ easton 4mm (450 grains) and 5mm axis (430grains).