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I was watching the Wild Outdoors the other night and I saw Jay shoot a couple broadheads into a couple gallons of water. So I thought I would shoot the four heads that I plan on using. I shot the Spitfire XP, Rage 3 blade, Grim Reaper, Rocket Sidewinder.

Spitfire XP: No entrance hole but was fully open on exit. Nasty looking hole.

Rage 3 Blade: Partial entrance hole but not full, I was hoping to see a full size entry. Head was fully open on exit. Hole did not look as big as the Spitfire XP

Grim Reaper and Rocket: Same as the Spitfire XP but the exit holes didn't look as devastating. Open but no shock value.

As far as how fast the water drained (I know the is a million variables here just letting you know) the Grim Reaper was hands down the best. The water just poured out of the plastic jug. Even my wife noticed the difference between the four. Followed by the Spitfire XP then the Rage three blade and lastly by the Rocket(reason being that I hit the off side label a little)

Just a quick little test when I was bored. I am leaving Thursday for the North Dakota opener and I will be shooting the Spitfire XP's, hopefully at a nice whitetail!!
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