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Howdy Guys

I had my Ovation brake a cable, and it spun my Cam around till its draw stop button came around and Bent and cracked my Lower Suppressor arm. It also ruined my 29 1/2" cam, I put my original 28 1/2" cam back on and a new cable and string.

I'm looking for a broken limb, that still has the suppressor on it.

My dealer says you can only get the arm with a limb.

Since it was a string and cable failure its not warranty.

I don't care to spend $90.00 pluss to repair this bow.

Reason is,

I was up at Marshall Mo. for the Budwieser shoot and practicing Saturday night before the shoot, when it blew up.

Well one of my shooting buddies, has a Switchback and he had me shoot it to see how it would hit for me.

It was good on elevation for me, :thumbup but windage was 6 to 14 inches to the right dependong on yardage.

I told him I thought I could deal with that well enough to have some fun, so why not.

So He offered to shoot side by side Sunday and share his Bow.

Well I ended up in Champianship Flight, and even beat my friends score with his bow.

I shoot the Ovation good ,but the not as effortlessly as I did the Switchback.

So I plan on letting the Ovation go to another home, or shelve it for some other adventure other than 3D.

Here is Pic of arm I need and the number on it. In the pick you can just barily see the damage.

Any help appreciated.

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