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BT Constitution for Field- Who's Using One?

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Recently aquired a '06 BowTech Constitution and want to use it for some Field rounds. Anybody else in AT land using one and how do you like it?
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This Bow Could Be Great For Any Venue You'ld Like 8 1/2" Of Brace Heigth/40" Axle To Axle D-flex Riser Fast Enough, Smooth Enough And Plus You Get The Added Benefit Of The Best Factory Strings And Cables On The Market, No Need For Winners Choice. Mine At 31" Draw Shoots My 401 Grain 2512 Cobalt 3d Arrows 285fps @ 63lbs. Get A Extra Windage Tt Spring Steel With A .010 Thickness Lizard Tounge For Up To A 400grain Arrow Get The Narrow One If Your Using 23 Series Arrows Or Narrower Or The Wide One For 24 Series And Fatter. If You Order A New One Order It With The Shrewd Grip From The Factory, You Also Can Order 4 Different Camo Patterns Depending On What You Like. Order It With The Speed Mods Because They Are Smooth And Easy To Draw You Can Always Add The Smooth Mods Later If Your Shooting 100 Plus Arrows A Day.
Last Advice, Don't Let Anyone Press Your Bow Unless They Have A Surelock Press And Know How To Use It. This Is An Awesome Bow When You Start With The Right Rest Its Easy To Tune And Mine Groups Awesome Out To 50 Yards Thats All The Farther I've Tried It. I've Shot Them All And This Is A Winner..mark Trombley
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1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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