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Bucks taken this season in KS

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record bucks taken

Here are some newspaper clips of a couple record bucks taken in KS this season. Thought you guys might enjoy them.

This buck was taken by Vincent Poff, a resident of Leavenworth, KS, where I spent over 13yrs of my life... not behind bars mind you.

From the article:

"Poff, a 15 year bowhunting veteran, bagged this buck under Leavenworth's new deer management program which give bowhunters the opportunity to take deer inside the city limits." This was the first year of the new program.

"The buck earned a net scor of 176-5/8 to make the Buckmasters record book. Though the rack looks fairly typical at first glance, a few tines were abnormal. Under Buckmasters' system, it was classified as a semi-typical."

It was taken on Oct. 11, 2004.


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I don't know what the real story will turn out to be on that non-typical, but from the picture something could have been wrong with him. Most bucks have a much larger neck than that mid-October here in Kansas. Either way looks like one crazy rack on his head!
Now that I look at it, could be the cape. I thought the white in the back was the under-belly hair. I'll confess I was a little focused on the head gear though!! :)
I assume it's this way in most parts of the country, but here in Kansas if you buy a tag it's not valid until the next day. The basic idea is to make it more difficult to shoot something and then go buy a tag. Again, I DON'T KNOW THE STORY ON THE ABOVE DEER so I'm not willing to venture a guess as to what happened. Great rack on both deer for sure, that part I DO know. :)
Beavis once asked Butthead why some guys wearing leather jackets and chains weren't cool. Butthead's response will go down as one of my favorite quotes of all time: "You just can't polish a turd."

All hunters should be given the benefit of the doubt unless there is undisputable evidence of wrongdoing. Once again, nice deer in the photos.
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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