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Bucks taken this season in KS

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record bucks taken

Here are some newspaper clips of a couple record bucks taken in KS this season. Thought you guys might enjoy them.

This buck was taken by Vincent Poff, a resident of Leavenworth, KS, where I spent over 13yrs of my life... not behind bars mind you.

From the article:

"Poff, a 15 year bowhunting veteran, bagged this buck under Leavenworth's new deer management program which give bowhunters the opportunity to take deer inside the city limits." This was the first year of the new program.

"The buck earned a net scor of 176-5/8 to make the Buckmasters record book. Though the rack looks fairly typical at first glance, a few tines were abnormal. Under Buckmasters' system, it was classified as a semi-typical."

It was taken on Oct. 11, 2004.


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I guess what they say is true. Shoot a nice buck like that, and jealous hunters will spread lies before the ink dries on your tag.

How about waiting a little while before bashing this kill as a "glorified road kill"?
First of all I don't appreciate being called a liar. My information came direct from the horses mouth. I also would be the first guy to congratulate this guy if he had killed it how the article was written. Most Bucks of this size are killed by some stroke of luck, which I have nothing against. The problem I have is that this story is total BS and it should not be considered for the record books, period.
The guy who shot this deer told you what you posted above? Your use of the phrases "I have heard" and "it is my understanding" don't lead me to believe he did.
My information comes directly from his neighbor. This buck lived on the neighboring property most of the time and had not been seen much this summer. When he shot the deer he told the neighbor how it went down. I don't have a problem with this deer being put out of its misery, I do have a problem with the story that was printed in the paper.
In other words, you didn't get your story "direct from the horses mouth" as you stated above. Again, I'd give this some time before calling this a glorified road kill.

This is how this stuff starts. "He said, she said".
Here's the facts as we know it:

1) Guy shoots a huge non-typ buck in Kansas with a bow, and legally checks it.

2) Local newspaper researches the story, and publishes what you see above.

3) You claim you got information "direct from the horses mouth" that this buck was sick and nothing more than a glorified road kill.

4) I call you on it, and ask you who you talked to.

5) You fess up that it wasn't "direct from the horses mouth", which would indicate you'd talked to the hunter, but rather you talked to a neighbor who gave you his third-person account of the story.

Give it some time. If it really isn't legit, it will come to light, especially if this buck threatens to break the non-typ record in Kansas. However, every time a big buck like this gets killed, these same kind of rumors pop up. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it's not.
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KSNimrod said:
I don't know what the real story will turn out to be on that non-typical, but from the picture something could have been wrong with him. Most bucks have a much larger neck than that mid-October here in Kansas. Either way looks like one crazy rack on his head!
I would hope they'd have a bigger neck than that. I think that's the cape. Could be wrong, though...hard to tell in that photo.
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