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Bucks taken this season in KS

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record bucks taken

Here are some newspaper clips of a couple record bucks taken in KS this season. Thought you guys might enjoy them.

This buck was taken by Vincent Poff, a resident of Leavenworth, KS, where I spent over 13yrs of my life... not behind bars mind you.

From the article:

"Poff, a 15 year bowhunting veteran, bagged this buck under Leavenworth's new deer management program which give bowhunters the opportunity to take deer inside the city limits." This was the first year of the new program.

"The buck earned a net scor of 176-5/8 to make the Buckmasters record book. Though the rack looks fairly typical at first glance, a few tines were abnormal. Under Buckmasters' system, it was classified as a semi-typical."

It was taken on Oct. 11, 2004.


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Huge Kansas record ?

Sorry MOC, but I hunt in that area (when I can get a tag) and I heard the same story way before it went public. I even heard he bought the tag and borrowed the bow from a friend the same day he shot it ! I agree that if these stories ARE true they will come out in the end......But if it looks like a skunk and smells like a......well you get the picture.
Who cares if its the Biggest Non Typical yet discovered!!! Its not about the hunter! Unless you take deer like that year after year like and i know very few tha can, then its all about luck. Luck, Luck, Luck!! So you people arguing back and forth is pretty stupid when trying to say if something was takin in a fair way or not. Its up to the record books to say whether its legal or not so just quit your bickerin.
I assume it's this way in most parts of the country, but here in Kansas if you buy a tag it's not valid until the next day. The basic idea is to make it more difficult to shoot something and then go buy a tag. Again, I DON'T KNOW THE STORY ON THE ABOVE DEER so I'm not willing to venture a guess as to what happened. Great rack on both deer for sure, that part I DO know. :)

Hey...lets see all your pics.

Why do hunters always speculate that someone cheated, lied, etc? Whether it is true in this case or not is not the issue. As was mentioned above, big deer bring out the worst in people. And it is a side of hunters that I am ashamed to acknowledge to others. No wonder we as a group are personified as cheaters, drinkers, liars, etc. Here in PA, if people don't see 40 deer a day they start talking about all the coyotes the Game Commission imports. When someone shoots a nice deer, they search as hard as possible for some dirt on the fellow or the deer!!

If those same people would search that hard for deer sign, maybe their luck would improve!!

Until you have heard it from "the horse's mouth", you are merely speculating and gossiping!!!
Beavis once asked Butthead why some guys wearing leather jackets and chains weren't cool. Butthead's response will go down as one of my favorite quotes of all time: "You just can't polish a turd."

All hunters should be given the benefit of the doubt unless there is undisputable evidence of wrongdoing. Once again, nice deer in the photos.
The pic is of the caped deer. Here is a pic of it in the field which was posted with the article.


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