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Any of you ever build your own sight to fit your liking. I built a pretty awesome sight today. I've have been looking for a VBG KJ Intimidator for the last month and tried to order one from my local pro shop as well as from two websites. Everyone is out of stock and the sight is now discontiued making it impossible to get. It would have been easy just to settle for another sight but I wouldn't have been satisfied. I only wanted to shoot that one sight. So today I went to Cabela's and bought "VBG Tombstone"(5-pin) and a "VBG Star Track"(1-pin) and I took the 5-pin sight window bracket off the Tombstone and attached it to the Star Track sight. Now I have a 5-pin moveable that weighs about 6 oz. It is pretty much identical to the KJ Intimidator. I will probably only use 3 pins on it but I have extra pins if one breaks. Maybe it's not that big of a deal but I'm excited to take it out and shoot it. Has anyone else ever done anything like this or does this seem a little extreme?
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