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Not positive if I can get a factory set up seems like the hoyt tune charts are saying I can but I would like to go shorter on the ata. I need to build something for a short draw archer ranging from 23-23.5 inch draw and around 40lbs max. I would like to build either a ultratec/ elite or protec/elite. Could I get away with using 1000 limbs on either of these? Im looking to use a cam 1/2 system either plus or the old style. Any ideas on cam numbers, limb deflection, string lengths? Thanks for any help. Other ideas for these risers would be appreciated as well.

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On my 03 protec
Limbs - XT2000 56 def=30-40lb
Cams - H-1 (A cams) 24-27.5
Brace - 8

If you go to XT1000's
Limbs - XT1000 56 def=33-43lb
Cams - H-1 (A cams) 23.5-26
Brace - 7.5

If you go to XT500
Limbs - XT500 56 def=34-44lb
Cams - H-1 (A cams) ~22.625-25.125
Brace - 7.125

Note (XT500) if you extend the ATA 1/2 in to get rid of the extra poundage you will also reduce the brace and the draw.
When I tried this on my bow at ATA-36.25 I received a 7.125 brace at by extending it to ATA-37.25 I achieved a 5.5 brace. So at 36.75 the brace should be 6.3125 and again be a 30-40lb bow with a 6 5/16 brace and a draw of ~21.875-24.375
That should be perfect for your application. These numbers will work on a Protec #5 rockers , ProElite # 5 rockers. For #7 rockers you will loose about 1/2in in Brace and increase the poundage in doing so. Contender limbs are XT500's and a 76 def will give you 55-65lb @ ATA - 37.25 and 60-70 at 36.75. That is the set I used and decided not to go with because the poundage was to high for my application. If they were 64 def and a 50-60lb I would be using them now.
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