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Building Light arrows for Light Poundage 3D archery

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So, I have combed the forum, and the closest relative thread I found was from 2018. So, as it's been a minute, I am starting a new one.

For my father, whom of which, I am dragging to TAC this year, I am trying to build him a good set of arrows that will allow him to reach the ~100yard shots. Bow is a Mathews Tactic 50# and 28" DL of course, that is asking much of a 50# bow, yet trying to set him up for success. Probably will run a MBG Mountain Lite 3 pin. The arrow I am considering is the Easton Avance (6.5gpi @ 28.25" with 80gr glue in point). according to Archers Advantage this would be an optimum spined arrow, and hopefully a good arrow for him. Trying to keep it simple and relatively inexpensive...

We still are going to check his poundage again, and maybe do a test chrono before the Final arrow build. This setup I think according to Archers Advantage may yield a 322 grain arrow.

Thoughts - Insights
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for silly shots like TAC light arrows really make sense.... Both me and my wife use Victory 3DHV arrows ($10 per shaft) for TAC. nice for me but really helped her and her 40lbs DW 26" DL a TON!

Light arrows, slider sight with adjustable bottom/floater, move the sight in towards riser, make sure the peep is in the correct place (not 2 low, I'm certainly no pro but sure looks pretty common looking at people dipping down scrunching up to find the peeps at the range. *especially with short axle to axle bows )

100 yards from a 50lbs bow with a 28" draw is totally doable. my wife (sub 40lbs 26" DL) get 80 yards with a single pin scope.. could get another 10-15 with an sjustible multi pin scope.

* depending on arrow length you may find 500 spine arrows work out/line up with charts not just 400's
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