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Building Light arrows for Light Poundage 3D archery

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So, I have combed the forum, and the closest relative thread I found was from 2018. So, as it's been a minute, I am starting a new one.

For my father, whom of which, I am dragging to TAC this year, I am trying to build him a good set of arrows that will allow him to reach the ~100yard shots. Bow is a Mathews Tactic 50# and 28" DL of course, that is asking much of a 50# bow, yet trying to set him up for success. Probably will run a MBG Mountain Lite 3 pin. The arrow I am considering is the Easton Avance (6.5gpi @ 28.25" with 80gr glue in point). according to Archers Advantage this would be an optimum spined arrow, and hopefully a good arrow for him. Trying to keep it simple and relatively inexpensive...

We still are going to check his poundage again, and maybe do a test chrono before the Final arrow build. This setup I think according to Archers Advantage may yield a 322 grain arrow.

Thoughts - Insights
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I'm shooting the 3dhv v6 which are $10 a shaft hard to beat that price. I haven't shot them past 50 yards yet though but I'm really liking them.
My total arrow weight is 340 grains with 130 grain glue in point (I'm at 60lbs) so you could easily get down to around 300gr which puts you safely over the 5gr/lb safety margin which is 250gr at 50#.
As others have said, use low profile vanes, cut the arrow as short as possible, buy the lowest gpi arrow and then put as much weight up front as you can spare.
3dhv are 5.9 gpi at 400 spine. At 50lb you could probably go with a 500 spine which is 5.0 gpi.
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