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...bow mounted range-finder...

I received one of the Bushnell bow-mounts at a silent auction at Ducks Unlimited a couple of years ago. I didn't find it suitable for my style of shooting or my sense of aesthetics. In short, it was clumsy, heavy & bulky. I traded it off to a local pro shop.

That's not to say laser range-finders aren't a good thing. They are. I have a hand-held DME model 200XL that I got on a close-out sale at Cabela's about 5 years ago for less than $70. It's terrific. It gives me an accurate (within a foot or two) reading out to about 60yds...far beyond any distance I'd shoot with my bow.

I find it really useful when setting new stands. Rather than pacing or taping off distances to various trails or shooting lanes I simply sit on the newly erected tree-stand and do my readings to various shot-spots. It keeps me from trampling around the area and leaving more scent than necessary.

I would recommend any reliable hand-held laster rangefinder as a useful tool to the bowhunter.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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