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Buying Slick Tricks...

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I want to order some slick tricks but i cant find on the website who i need to make my check out to, and i sent an email yesterday asking him but he hasn't responded yet and i really want to order them today. So if someone knows, could you please let me know. Thanks.
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Thanks for the plugs guys! I will shipping as SOON as Gary gets me some heads. I hope he isn't holding out on me;) PM any questions. I am getting a bit back logged but we have a bunch on order so it's up to Mr. Slick Trick himself:) I do have some 125 mags left but even they have been going fast.
steeld3_4 said:
Bought mine from and got them within 4-5 days.
I will guarantee you got 05 heads then. I just talked to Gary and there will be NO 06 heads shipping out before next week at the earliest. I have a few 100 and 125 grain standards still in stock if anyone is in a bind. PM me. I will have heads within a day or 2 give or take when anyone else does:) Sorry for the manufacturing delay.
Durocab1 said:
What the heck is going on? I got an elk trip and been waiting forever!
You are not waiting for anything from me:)
DBL LUNG said:
What is the difference between the '05 and '06 heads?
Blades are to be more consistent on sharpness:)
As I have noted before I have some 05 standards in 100 as well as 125 grain if it will get anyone out of a bind. Gary is hoping 06 heads will start rolling next week. I know I am:)
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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