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Buying Slick Tricks...

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I want to order some slick tricks but i cant find on the website who i need to make my check out to, and i sent an email yesterday asking him but he hasn't responded yet and i really want to order them today. So if someone knows, could you please let me know. Thanks.
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Yes you can get them "now" from Archery Experts, among others, but, as Meanv2 said they "are" 05 heads. Nothing wrong with 05's but if you got the time get the new 06 broadheads from Meanv2. You absolutly cannot beat his price to your door. And he takes Paypal. 38 days and counting. :darkbeer:
I've been waiting on my 85 grain Tricks from Keystone Country Store for about three weeks now. I'm hoping they get the 2006 heads in soon. I only have 18 days to get ready. Might have to order my next batch from meanv2.:wink:

The Slick Trick web site says they should ship n July 26. They might want to update that so we know what the status is.
As I have noted before I have some 05 standards in 100 as well as 125 grain if it will get anyone out of a bind. Gary is hoping 06 heads will start rolling next week. I know I am:)
MeanV2 is right - no 06 heads have gotten to dealers that I know of. Slick Tricks have a MSRP that dealers have to stick to, so meanv2 and I should have the same low price. I got a talking to last year because I didn't know about the MSRP and I was a dollar below it. It's better to stick to what the man says than not sell the best heads out there!!! Minumum advertised price is $21.95.

21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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