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Hey All,

I recently picked up Cabela's Bowhunter Xtreme™ SST Parka with 4MOST DRY-PLUS® and Thinsulate parka, as well as the same model bibs for hunting in cold WI temps.

They've got fantastic reviews, and I snagged them on sale for more than 60% off, so it was a great deal.

Thing is, the jacket was just a tad too snug on the shoulders in medium, and the large was just too big.

I went to the store, and they let me swap the Cabela's Men's Bow Series Insulated Parka and the bibs that matched as a straight trade. These Bow Series ones fit better in the shoulders on me. Other than that, they were close to the same. And they're the same price and from what I could tell, mostly the same technology (scent lok, insulate, etc)., as well as the same grams of insulation. Only thing is, these Bow Series don't have any reviews on the Cabela's website. And one of the main reasons I pulled the trigger was because the Bowhunter Xtreme had such great reviews across the board.

Just wondering if anyone has tried these before, or knows if they are the updated version of the same thing and that's why they don't have reviews yet...I just want to make sure I did the right thing swapping them out. I couldn't find any info online if they were new models or not...

Regardless, fantastic customer service for Cabela's letting me do the swap, and honoring the deal I found online. Pretty great customer service.

Just trying to avoid buyer's remorse.
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