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Cabela's Scent-Lok Bowhunter Xtreme Ghil-Leaf Suit

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Has anyone here used Cabela's Scent-Lok Bowhunter Xtreme Ghil-Leaf Jacket and Pants?

Do they get in the way of shooting?

Thinking on getting a set.....
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i use a gilly suit when i hunt on the ground i have the bush rag brand that is made of lots of strings. and yes with my bow arm straight out i take and seperate the strands in a line on the inside of my arm about 3/4 of the way down,take and flip the 3/4 over the top of my arm and then let the other 1/4 hang then i put an arm guard mainly on the upper 3/4 and i have no problem with the bow string catching the suit. hope that helps
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