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Cam Difference: XTR Turbohawk-Alphamax vs ZT Hyper Cam on Hyperforce

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Hi All. I am looking for an opinion today.

I currently drive a Hoyt Turbohawk (60#, #2 cam @ 27") with the XTR Cam. I use it for everything, hunting, 3d and indoor. Awesome hunting bow, and on a good day I can even average a 290/300 indoor shooting with a hinge. No reason to change other than I usually reserve my bow upgrades to every 10 years or so (technology jumps) and currently I am looking at the Hoyt Hyperforce with the ZT HyperCam.

How would those of you who used/still use the XTR Cam (Turbohawk or Alphamax) and upgraded to the new Hyperforce with the ZT Hyper Cams, specifically how would you characterize the difference in draw feel (harsh stiff or smooth), valley and back wall?

I will be shooting the Hyperforce in the future so will soon decide for myself, but for the next while I am working as a desk jockey with no opportunity to put them side-by-side so doing some mental math today!

All opinions welcome;

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I never shot the old cams. I have a ProForce with ZT Cams. Silky smooth draw. Has a generous valley but doesn’t “dump”. The back wall is very nice. I came from Elite with super solid back walls. The Hoyt is nothing like that but it’s also not spongy. Works excellent with hinge release (TruBall HT 3M). Just enough to pull through the shot. Mine runs 85% let off. Since changing to Hoyt, my scores have increased significantly. ProForce is a shooter and holds still. Love it

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