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Cam Question (GTX)

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Im fairly new to archery but haven't been getting super technical until recently (Now that i have the bug). I listen to a lot of podcast with John Dudley and he was talking about the GTX Cams and he was saying its a very forgiving cam compared to most out there. From my understanding they use new(er) cams now.

Keep in mind I'm very limited due to my 31 1/4" draw length
So my question is:
Is the GTX cam the most forgiving of Hoyt?
If it is, then what bows use these cams.
If its not the most forgiving cam, what one is?

(Talking about bow hunting)
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At the risk of derailing this thread, I also have a question about Hoyt cams. What year did they start adding movable draw stop pegs on target bows? I know this year's cams do, but were they available in prior years? I have an older Vantage Elite with cam-and-a-half plus that has fixed non-movable draw stops.
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