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cam shim help

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I am changing limbs on my e35, and when I removed the cams I lost one of the larger shims. Elite sent me out a few sets. I have eyeballed and then test fit what I believe is the correct new shims, and installed them. What I noticed before putting the string on is that one of the cams spin much more freely than the other, even though they have the same size shims in. So my question is is this fine or should I put in two different sized shims so that the cams have the same freedom of movement in them?
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I have personally seen this from time to time... One cam seems to spin a little more freely than another. I would just make sure the bearings in the cam are both working properly and go with it. Make sure you have the correct spacers and you should be good. I have put them together just as you have mentioned and never had a problem with them... Hope this helps
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