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Cams out of time??

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How can you tell when a two-cam bow is out of time? Also, how do you check the timing on a two-cam bow? I have noticed on my High Country that the cams don't rest in the exact same postitions. While the difference is small, there is still a difference. I have also noticed that every now and then, I have an arrow hit totally different than the rest of the group. Can this be contributed to timing?
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Best way I would go about checking the timing is at full draw. Using a safe backstop, draw back w/ arrow in place, release/fingers in a "normal" drawing position (i.e. don't grab ahold of the string w/ your fingers if you normally shoot a release off of a d-loop to check, do everything exactly the way you would shooting the bow), and have a friend observe the cams as they wrap around and touch the buss cables as you reach full draw. Usually you need to ease into this position so your buddy can get a eye on which, if either, is touching first. If you don't have a buddy, you can still do this standing while standing sideways next to a mirror (face mirror and try to draw back as you would shooting, except observe the cams in the mirror instead of aiming downrange - again, make sure of your backstop!).

The cams should touch at the top and bottom at about the same time. I believe top touching first by a hair is also considered acceptable by many. If the bottom touches first then I believe you need to put some twist in the buss cable attached to that cam and vise versa if the top touches first by more than a little.

Afterwards you can do a search on the forums regarding creep tuning and fine tune the cam rollover.

And yes, if the cams are out of sync it is possible you can get some "flyers". More specifically, your vertical groups generally aren't as tight, depending on how consistent you pull into the stops/wall from arrow to arrow. If you are very consistent (i.e. a Hooter Shooter shooting machine) the timing isn't critical, but most of us aren't as consistent as the machine, lol!

My take anyways...........................:)

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