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I am about to buy an Alphamax 35, and I would like somebody to run a couple of arrows for me please. My specs will be:

30 inch DL
arrows will be 28.5 inches from the string set in the nock to insert (29 total)
Blazer Vanes
5 grain wraps
100 or 125 grain heads (whichever spine better)
I would like the arrow to be in the 390-410 total weight range.

I am considering Maxima's, Victory V Force, and any Easton shaft that would put me in that range.

Thanks a bunch, Jake.

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Ok everything is still good. You will only loose about 6-8fps. And the spine is going to be a tad stiff. To get the perfect spine you should shoot a 125 grain tip. Or get the arrows cut rite at 29-29.5 inches. and it will be perfect.
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