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That old Super Slam Supreme was a good shooting bow for me in its' day, after beefing up the factory fast flite cables. Be careful putting newer hatchet cams on there though. That bow has a reputation of noticeable cam lean. I would recommend just having the bushings in the cams changes, replace and regrease axles and new bearings, put new strings and cables on the old gal and ride! Going the other route is even more expensive and you might end up blowing a limb. Today's bows really are superior in the sense that the manufacturing processes used to create the bow parts are much advanced since the Super Slam days. The risers of today are lighter, stronger, stiffer and generally less worry. The cams systems of today's breed of bows are quite different, too. Take a look at some new models and you might be pleasantly surprised. Hang the ole' slam on the wall at the hunting cabin as a keepsake.
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