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Can you date this old MARTIN?

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I have an old Martin Warthog Magnum. It is currently my back up bow and was my primary bow for a couple of years before that.

This bow has a laminated wood riser in gray with an accent stripe that is kinda orange. Axle to axle is about 44 1/2", brace is 8.25, 55 to 70 pounds. The limbs are wood laminate with black fiberglass backing, that now max out at 58 pounds. It has round wheels that are gold in color, steel cables with teardrops and dacron string. It is marked "holding weight 60%" which I interpret to be 40% let off (it sure feels like it). Assembled by Don Seimens.

I really like this old warthog. This was the bow that convinced me all compounds are not evil (I was die hard traditional) and ended up being the bridge to shooting compounds almost exclusively now. It is also the bow from which my handle "SlowBowInMO" came from. It shoots my 530 grain Cabelas skinny carbons at a whopping 199 fps. :D I have taken deer and small game with it in the couple years I have had it.

Anyway, I know this thing is old but I figured some of you would know exactly HOW old? I'm guessing sometime in the 80's maybe? Thanks and happy new year!
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They made it for a few years, but I remember seeing it inone of my old Martin Catalogs in 87 or 88. That is a model I have been trying to add to my collection, so if you ever want to get rid of it, please let me know.

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sounds right.... I bought a a riser from martin in 89 to replace a cracked one for my friend . they might go back to 85.
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