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Hi All,

Well things are alot clearer today.

#1, the first thing I did today was get back on the horse,,,,almost killed me but I went downstairs and shot an arrow.

#2 Saw my own doc today and he said no probs with the carbon, he said it is in the "epidermiss" (spelling I know) and it cannot migrate.

He said most of it will work its way out in time and not to worry as it was inert material and not a long term health risk at all.

#3, I had surgery on it to remove most of the carbon, 3 hours of digging, cutting and pulling, got alot of it out but the swelling is really bad and the bruising too,,,,,,,,,,,not a pretty picture.

More local surgery on Wed, all in all better than yesterday and movin up.

Thanks for all the info guys..
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