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Carbon arrows from cabelas or bass pro?

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I was just wondering are any of these stores arrows any good? I would think that they are made by other manufacturers and just resold under their name. Im looking a good hunting arrow, needs to be flectched in blazers and at least a 400 spin possibly 340. ny input would be great
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It is only a suggestion, but my opinion is this: Find somebody on here that has some arrow selection software and have them run your numbers and tell you what spine will suit you best with your bow and DW and DL. No matter how good an arrow is, it will be worthless if it isn't spined correct for your setup. I would send a PM to APAntn and have him check your numbers and get you some prices on Victory arrows. In my opinion they are better than any Cabelas or Bass Pro shafts. You will be surprised at the prices that he has on them too.
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