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I am trying to learn to bow with fingers, so I am new.

In my opinion, the Carbon Fury might be fine for a 70 lb. hunting bow. However, they appear to be too stiff and too heavy for a target bow of 50 lbs.

The Redhead Carbon Supremes are only $10.00 a dozen more and they are straighter and lighter; available in spines of 150, 250, and 350 (I don't really know what the numbers mean).

Two weeks ago the local Bass-Pro was using the gray carbon arrow epoxy (I believe 24 hr. epoxy) to install the inserts. It now looks like they were down to the local hardware store and bought some $2.00 a package epoxy that cures in 8 hrs. The first time an arrow went into the wood frame around the target, the arrow came out -- the point and insert stayed in the wood. So, I would insist that they use the proper glue if you let them install the inserts.

Jim Holloman
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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