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well ive been going through handhelds n i just dont feel comfortable with i am pretty sure i am going back to my wrist releases.
well i have a too simple with a heavier spring installed.i actually really like it now,but just sold my bow n ordered a new vdc so i dont have a bow to shoot it with so i am of the mind to send it on its way.
i have a guy im talkin with about trading for a carter 2 shot plus some cash.
my question is.i have the medium spring in my rhino xt,and i like that.will the 2 shot have atleast that heavy of a trigger?
i am finding that many of todays releases just have too light of a trigger,and i cant shoot worth a crap with em.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
the old lady has grown a fondness for my rhino xt and i have been informed that i need to make other arrangements for a wrist release,and i hate my silverhorn and wildcat
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