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Catquiver users....

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It looks like I'm going to be forced to use either a two piece quiver or some other version.

I shoot really long arrows so a two piece is not the most desirable choice.

I ran accross the Catquiver in a catalog but would love some honest feedback from hunters that have used them.

My hunting is 70% from climbing stands and 25% from ground blinds. I do a very small amount of stalking....tried some last year along the river banks for hogs.

How does this quiver work out for you guys?

Is it truly adjustable and does it hold your arrows securely?

I'm thinking the mini may be all I need although I like the idea of ditching my old backpack for one of the Catquiver 3's. All my gear easily assesable and hangable on a screw in hook.

Lay it on me guys...the good, the bad and the ugly opionions about this quiver.:darkbeer:
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I started using the Cat Quiver Mini last year and wouldn't think of using anything else. Its adjustable, lightweight and holds my arrows securely. I mostly hunt out of a DB blind so its no problem. Hunting out of a tree stand you would have to hang it on a hook or something similiar. I mainly like it so I don't have to attach anything to my bow. It basically comes down to personal preference.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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