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Cedar arrow taper tool

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Any suggestions on where to source a good, effective taper tool for cedar arrows? I have an old, adjustable "pencil sharpener" type that just isn't cutting it, takes way too long and doesn't cut accurately. At the rate it is going it'll take hours to do a dozen arrows and none will be the same length. While I'm asking, what is the preferred glue for attaching tapered points or broadheads to cedar arrows?
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Problem solved

Finally figured it out. The taper tool has adjustable knives, and screw-on centering pieces for different arrow diameters. The cuttings were coming out like mush, not like rolling sheets of veneer from a pencil sharpener. I took the blade off and discovered the slot that the shavings are supposed to come out of was too narrow, so I gently opened it up with a small file, reattached the blade, and it works perfectly. It was simply not engaging the knife, and what little shavings there were had no place to go.
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