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Cedar chest

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Any of you guys store your camo/gear in a cedar chest and just take it right to the woods? I do on some of mine and I think it is as good a cover scent as I have used, and much more pleasent than smoke and the like.
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I have not used a cedar chest but it sounds good. I've been at this sport a good 30yrs. and I've been very fanatical about scent control in the past, but it seems impossible to eliminate human odor completely. It likely helps to minimize scent, but the bottom line is you need to be downwind to maximize your odds. So in my latter years I don't get too carried away with it. I wash my clothes in baking soda and that's about it. I use a good quality wind detector called smoke in a bottle and stay downwind. I should point out that I don't hunt from a tree stand and I'm not sure if that creates additional scent challenges. I will also point out that in 30 yrs. with a bow, I've harvested as many elk and as many deer, so I have some experience if that matters. Them critters have a keen sense of smell.
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