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Cedar Shafts???

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Does anyone know where the best place to get cedar shafts is? I know I can get them from 3 Rivers or FS Discount Archery but at those prices, I am paying about the same cost as purchasing the finished shafts and finishing myself. I don't mind having to buy all the equipment, but that is a rather large expense if I am not saving any money doing them myself.

Any suggestions????

Thanks for any help.

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Well, it makes pretty good sense to assemble your own. You need the components and a fletching jig just to repair normal wear and tear. From there to assembly is not a very big step. With carbon and aluminum shafts you just need to find the right spine for your shafts as weight is consistent. With wooden shafts there is also a great variance in weight. At short range this matters little. At long range it matters a lot. You can either use a shaft supplier that hand sorts by weight, usually a sound decision, or you can sort them yourselves with a scale or just by shooting them. Keep the arrows that group together with their brothers. Use the oddballs, those heavy or light, for short range, or for flu flus. The ones that won't group with their brothers even at short range make good kindling.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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