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Cedar Shafts???

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Does anyone know where the best place to get cedar shafts is? I know I can get them from 3 Rivers or FS Discount Archery but at those prices, I am paying about the same cost as purchasing the finished shafts and finishing myself. I don't mind having to buy all the equipment, but that is a rather large expense if I am not saving any money doing them myself.

Any suggestions????

Thanks for any help.

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we sell them

we range from $18 1/2 dozen (bare) all the way up to $152.00 fully set up for a full dozen..

50/55--- approx. $18 Bare 1/2 dz. to fully set up at $60.00 dz.

lowest we go at this time for arrow size.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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