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Cedar Shafts???

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Does anyone know where the best place to get cedar shafts is? I know I can get them from 3 Rivers or FS Discount Archery but at those prices, I am paying about the same cost as purchasing the finished shafts and finishing myself. I don't mind having to buy all the equipment, but that is a rather large expense if I am not saving any money doing them myself.

Any suggestions????

Thanks for any help.

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Rose City archery inc.
ph 541-572-6408
Mytle beach.

All the Cedar shafts I use come from these people.
You can buy their premium selected shafts wheighed an matched to spine.
Do a GOOGLE on them,they do have a web site.
Good luck.
Jakes Cronje said:

I read somewhere that a good bit of POC has been planted in NZ- probably on South Island, given the weather- any of that show up? Though it might be called Lawson's Cypress over there.

We do have plantation Cedar that's used extensivly in the building industry.
I don't know if the quality would be up to arrow shaft standards but I'll ask around an see.
What I have seen was pretty soft.
Most of the plantation timbers here grow to fast to be very dense.
I use pine shafts as well as cedar but even that is imported from Oregon USA,
even though we have the same spieces here.
I've heard of Lawsons Cypress but don't know if I've seen it,,,everything gets renamed over here for some reason.
The Oregon pine is called "Radiata" here.
Probably to do with marketing huh:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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