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Centerpoint Wrath 430 shorcomings

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1. Quiver. It is incredibly hard to push an arrow in it. I've even ruined one arrow. Any solution?..

2. Ugly cheap stock scope. It does not let you benefit the advantages of this crossbow.
I replaced it with Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x32 XBR-2. This one has reticle out to 100 yds - somewhat better a scope, but I experience effects of its fixed 45yds parallax from 60+ yds. Also, it is somewhat longer body than the original stock scope, which makes me (being 6ft tall) cramped while aiming. The scope was installed/moved all the way forward. One of possible remedies would be to move the scope even more forward or to have a shorter scope. So I'm looking to get extension scope rings. This Vortex also exhibits edge distortions, especially when shooting 90 and 100 yds marks which together with parallax does not help you to hit targets best way. Vortex could do better job for this scope. The clarity is good though.
I was also looking at Hawke XB1 1.5-5x32 SR but I did not like the reticle. I want it to be illuminated at least until 80 yds dot. This bow lets you hit an apple sized target at such a distance.
Hawke XB30 Compact 1.5-6x36 SR has better reticle and +$100 over Vortex, length is 9.3" -- not really compact. No point to go for it in comparison to the above mentioned Vortex. I do not know about the distortions. Did not have a chance to hold this scope in my hands yet.
Any other choices?

3. The stock. It is advertised as a compact crossbow. As already said in p.2, I feel cramped when aiming this thing. I wish I could have at least 1" longer stock. I check it and I do not see how can I extend it.
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Otherwise, it is a lot of crossbow for its price. The cable machine is reliable and long lasting. Someone on Youtube says it has hundreds of shots on it with no issues.

Let me know what you think, fellows.
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For the guys that want or need a bit more on the stock length......

3D printed the clamp piece and the extension in 2 parts so I could make various lengths. This one is almost 2 inches to the center of the extension and 2 1/2 to the longest part of the extension.

I don't have a crank so no idea if that fits with this on. Crank will be here tomorrow so I'll know then.

This is the first working run. I've got a couple more tweaks to V2 and beyond. I forgot to notch out for the sling hole. Thar's done but not printed out.
After I get it done I'll share the .stl files if anyone wants it.

View attachment 7721493

View attachment 7721494
I just got my wrath 430 and would like 1" plus stock extension. I found this on amazon and wondering if anyone have seen this and tried to see if it will fit. The Pistol Crossbows it's made for seem to have very similar stock construction and makeup as the wrath 430 - Anglo Arms OP 360 / M48 Hell Hawk/Mang Hung Alligator Plus. So I'm curious and may give it a try.

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